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Harold and Gracie came to us from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. Their previous owners, Shaun and Jennifer Villet, were heartbroken to part with these to wonderful creatures, but were desperate to give them a better life – with the space and freedom to roam, forage and wallow that only a farm can offer. It has been one of the most wonderful experiences for us to get to know Gracie and Harold, all their quirks and lovely characteristics.

Macon came to us from her owner – also seeking out a better living situation for her – where she could have all the space she needed to really be a pot belly pig! We have also heard from her owners, often, asking after her!

You’ll find all three exploring the farm throughout the day – always keeping an eye open for any new faces! Be aware though, they are see you as  a potential source of tasty morsels so will sometimes nibble at toes if they feel they are missing out! They will likely find you, before you find them!


Paris Hilton was the first of this little posse to make her appearance. Passed on to the Cape Of Good Hope SPCA from Mdzananda Animal Clinic, she had been found with a fractured foot. She became very much at home very quickly when she arrived on the farm – so much so that she would waltz in to cottages, unannounced, and even make herself quite comfortable on the couch or bed! She was even quite happy to ensure that the toilet paper on the roll at the Loo with A View was up to standard by tasting it frequently!! My cousin arrived one day to all these antics – and listened to the many other wonderful personality traits of this remarkable little goat – and pronounced her name, a rather apt one at that, Paris Hilton!

Clearly seeking the company of others, we thought it would be nice to find her a few friends! And so, with great kindness, Anne at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, delivered Geoffrey, a rather large Boerbok, and Kim Kardashian, a pygmy goat, to the farm over Christmas.

Geoffrey, AKA the Bodyguard, leads this trio in most methods of mischief! Named the bodyguard because he is a mountain of a goat and stubborn to boot, he will certainly not be moved without his permission!

Rounding up the Three Stooges (and yes, they can be that funny on occasions) is Kim Kardashian, or KK, for short. Bringing up the rear in the tall, medium and the short of it, she is just about as naughty as Paris Hilton. Much to our dismay, she was the first to decide, whilst the rest were more than happy to follow, that the grapes on our vines, were the perfect breakfast fruit for her!


Our precious Donkey! Yes, she is grey, just like Donkey in Shrek, but not quite as flamboyant! This wonderful little lady is the most docile of creatures, soft and gentle and always happy to be rubbed and stroked. She also takes apples and carrots gently and really loves and enjoys any attention she may get. Please do stop by and give her a pet – she will hardly let you leave once you’ve started, but she will appreciate every minute you give her!



You will find both of these in abundance on our farm! Our pigs and sheep are left to free range for the most part – so you will often be sitting on your veranda and spot them wondering by! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures of the many piglets and lambs that are born each year!


We also have peacocks and their peahens, turkeys and chickens! Meet up with our staff at 8am each morning with your children, if they would like to help them collect the chicken eggs and feed the animals!

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